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Last update for awhile

Seems I kept doing a version of this post even before I left my journal.  Generally meant I wasn’t keeping up with it and wanted to start over so to speak, or at least make sure where everything stands.  Much has changed, but a lot has stayed the same.  I got my purple belt middle of last year, one stripe toward brown and I’m retooling my game, again.  I was really into doing half guard for a long while and still play with it a bit mostly with the half-butterfly.  I tend to do a hybrid open guard threatening the scissor sweep, and still play with the basics of closed guard when they let me pull it.  My passing game is probably better, but I think everyone’s retention even more so.  I still have dreams to be able to train constantly, and that really isn’t feasible with my work and family, so I have come to terms with it.  The constant guilt is still there.

I am looking forward to the ADCC this year, and will probably try and do a my own workup on it, as soon as I can get a good lineup.  Probably a third of the participants, I know very little of.  More to come.

on the floor


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