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The spazzy white belt


Got matched up twice with a former marine with very strong grips and a will to win at all costs.

Its a good thing, really.  Those frequently athletic but new to jiu-jitsu uke, sparring partners, are good for your game.  They are good for your game the same way trying to handle a wrestler would be.  They move in a different way than you expect, and you can also work on things you wouldn’t normally get away with.  Work on your butterfly guard, let them pass your guard and work on your recomposing.  Just watch out for the flailing limbs and the occasional headlock.  You’ll be fine.



bjj, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling, jiu-jitsu, judo, martial arts, martial-arts

Last update for awhile

Seems I kept doing a version of this post even before I left my journal.  Generally meant I wasn’t keeping up with it and wanted to start over so to speak, or at least make sure where everything stands.  Much has changed, but a lot has stayed the same.  I got my purple belt middle of last year, one stripe toward brown and I’m retooling my game, again.  I was really into doing half guard for a long while and still play with it a bit mostly with the half-butterfly.  I tend to do a hybrid open guard threatening the scissor sweep, and still play with the basics of closed guard when they let me pull it.  My passing game is probably better, but I think everyone’s retention even more so.  I still have dreams to be able to train constantly, and that really isn’t feasible with my work and family, so I have come to terms with it.  The constant guilt is still there.

I am looking forward to the ADCC this year, and will probably try and do a my own workup on it, as soon as I can get a good lineup.  Probably a third of the participants, I know very little of.  More to come.

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