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Doing my thing.

I ended up not doing the tournament, which wasn’t a big surprise considering my schedule and how it can wreck my not so budding bjj career.  First, work put some pressure on me to show up that saturday and then changed their minds later when sunday work didn’t seem be that much of a priority.  I was feeling those old man aches anyways and my stamina was crazy bad.  I will focus on a few things and try after the new year.  The big 45, it seems crazy that I’m already here, relatively still kicking it.  Actually loving life a little bit more even though class Tuesday really sucked.  Gassing is bad, and I really need to get a hold of it if I want to do any tournaments in 2018.

I kinda put some pressure on myself to get to purple belt and that’s a fine goal.  Despite not wanting to focus on belts, I kinda been doing this thing since 2006 and really want to get to that next level, Technique wise or belt wise, same same.  I know I’m not there yet, but I want to get there and then hang out.   Figure out my game, work on my judo  and have some fun.   Not that I’m not having fun now,  but its just there, hanging out.  I even like the color.  I think I could stay at purple for a few more years, hopefully not a decade though.   lol

I’m proud of myself sticking it out, but really I just love the sport.  DSTRYRSG_BJJ_BRAZILIAN_JIU_JITSU_HELVECIO_PENNA_JITS_MAG


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