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Tournament Prep

Once I committed myself to going to this tournament that is on Dec 2, a number of things popped up that usually happens in these situations.  My job decided that I needed to stay over 2 to 3 hours for a week at a time and despite this , money also became a problem.  Time and money both being the usual pain in the ass.  Despite this, I spent about 2 and half weeks doing alot of stuff outside of class and somehow found myself at 2 or 3 extra judo classes that meet later but closer to my work.  Generally, I think my technique is ok, I have a gameplan and I am going to do both gi and no gi, simply because I have a feeling that I will do poorly and want extra matches.  Simply enough, I don’t think I have enough time on the mat.  My defense is pretty good, but that is tied into my stamina which I have 2 weeks to work on.  Despite a nagging back,  I will also put in as much mat time as I can in the next two weeks.

I really wanted to do this tournament not only because it had been awhile, but also to jump start my progress and to show my instructor that I was committed to the team and to improving. I get the sense that he likes those that show the want to test their skills against others, and seems to push them more often.  Belts aren’t everything, but I really would like to get my purple belt in a year or so.   I kinda want to work on my judo black belt also after that point.

In all honesty though, I love this art. Whether in my head, where I call the whole thing just plain “Judo”, call it old school ju-jitsu or Brazilian jiu-jitsu or whatever,  I love it.  It centers me, brings out the best in me, and generally makes me happy despite my failings at it.

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