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Judofunk is back doing Judo.

With a name like that, you would think that would be self evident, but not really.  Part of that history is in introductions or the about section, but long story short, life namely moving got in the way, and a car accident cut much of my practice short somewhere around 2010, 2011.  I had gotten my brown belt by then, but had already felt that my love was for an all around game, not for Olympic rules judo.  At least as the rules were interrupted at the time.  As anyone that has watched Americans in the Olympics, those that medaled did it by focusing on Newaza and Travis Stevens was famous about getting his black belt in BJJ very quickly and under the tutelage of John Danaher no less.

I had meant to steady up my standup by checking out the local judo club again.  Finally made it up there last night and it was great.  They have always done a good split of newaza randori in the past and things hadn’t changed much.  They still had a very fast and powerful game, depending on pins and was very little stalling.  The throws were still there and it felt great.  Despite my less than perfect amount of free time.  I’ve decided to check out the club every Monday for awhile.  I may even try to get my black belt,  which is doable, perhaps.  Never really been good at remembering certain less than common throws, nomenclature and the small details.  I have alot of the same problems in BJJ, but I will do my best.  Actually very excited about the possibilities and it is something to look forward to.




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