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The importance of finding the right school

I think its important to surround yourself with the right people.  Its a standard cliche but very important involving martial arts and in this case, jiu-jitsu, for several reasons.  For starters, It helps with how long you will stay with the sport or the life-style.  You definitely want positive uplifting people that are both partners and frequently teachers as part of your journey.  There is enough negativity out there, you don’t need it on the mats.  Secondly,  you need knowledgeable people that will give the right information and will challenge you as you move up in belts.  I have had difficulty in the past in finding the right school, either due to money or distance issues.  Some of those involved time constraints which went with the distance concerns.  Its so refreshing to finally find a school that I fit in and is both comfortable and challenging.  It meets my distance and money concerns also.  Now , its up to me and consciously or sub consciously, I have no excuses left.


A journal

This weekend, I’ve decided once again to start a journal, or notebook of those techniques in class.  I’ve already started on the basic moves from each position so i can constantly go over them.   That should have been done awhile ago.

We have a number of newer students, white belts with prior wrestling experience. Very strong and very good at holding people down.  They are giving me alot of trouble and put pressure on me, to improve my technique and cardio.  Its a good thing over i’m sure.