Jiu-jitsu joe schmoe

I recently read an article, which I’m not sure I can even link here about a brown belt that had been training for awhile , 9 years,  and had yet to win a tournament and had come to a self realization that he was just an average joe when it comes to BJJ.  I can totally relate to that for so many reasons.  I’ve been training off and on for 10 years.  That counts the year or so I was out due to injury and the sometimes one class a week or 2 class a week if i’m lucky kind of thing that I’ve slipped back into.  I was doing judo and bjj was aside thing.  I was generally hard to handle on the mat then due to my natural strength and excellent base. I did a few chokes and did armbar alot from guard or from mount.  Sad to say.  I’m not too far down from that road.  I do only BJJ now, but my game has evolved very slowly.  I still play top pretty well.  I have a one strip blue belt generally due to my judo background and basics sometimes escape me.  Yes, basics.  Some things, I only do or see like once every 6 months or so.  I have to force myself to study the small parts of moves and keep trying to use them in my game.  I’m sure part of the problem is that I don’t go as often and I’m more of a recreational student.  I’m hoping that forcing myself to do tournaments this year will get me in the spirit of learning.  Being more proactive with learning anyways.  Wish me luck