I am trying to adopt an easygoing attitude with my bjj journey and for the most part I’ve reached it.  I decided several weeks ago that I would stop worrying about participating in a tournament this year and just concentrate on getting to class as often as possible and figuring out an exercise routine outside of class.  I also have to worry about the money issue, but that is normal.  Money shouldn’t be a problem for a little bit.  I’m sure my problems are not new to most of those my age and still trying to choke people half my age, but its still frustrating as all get out.  I missed last week due to a small vacation in the middle of the week and a family deal on thursday.  I have committed myself to doing the two classes a week on tuesday and thursday and trying to squeeze in a sat open mat or a judo class twice a month and I will have to deal with it.

A couple of weeks ago, I almost just said ” I quit” but like always when I get to class, I wonder how I could ever stop doing this wonderful art.  I was running late from work and I literally sped the whole hour drive there.  I leave at around 3:45 central time so I can get to a 6:00 pm est class, with a short layover to change and pick up my mat fee.  Currently i’m paying 20 dollars a week for two classes of mat fee.  My wife thinks that saves us money, but it just seems less like a monthy bill to her and she can “budget” it out if need be, if you know what I mean.  One of the facts of the situation that I will be taking care of.

On a good note, and perhaps a sad one, I think I’m close to in ability as I ever was on the mats.  Despite last week’s layover, I am doing reasonably well in open rolls, but that might be d0 more to my attitude than anything.  I tend to pull my half ass guards and fight for positions. My top game is as good as it ever was and I actually felt good rolling last night from an energy level.  My guard is horrible to be honest.  I fall into half guard most times, but if someone circles, even the white belts, I tend to get my guard passed.  I think will work on inversion from home and see how it goes.  I used to rotate around 3 different bjj classes at various times and one started doing inversions against the wall.  I had probably gotten my shit blue belt at the time, and felt horribly inadequate cause i couldnt even do a side roll.  I worked on it for several months from home and figured it out.  Same with a single leg take down.  I had been doing bent over judo style double leg takedowns forever and couldn’t do a wrestling single leg take down to save my life.