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The wheel keeps turning.

Cause I can. hehe

Brief but important update.  Inky has divested herself completely away from bjj, which we both call judo at home but is happy to do her own thing.  She started working out after work at the gym there and has been doing great, losing nearly 50 pounds so far.  I have made very little strides other than getting my schedule worked out a bit.  Work and life in general have been kicking my butt.   I still enjoy my school and starting to feel a part of the team so to speak.  My instructor moved into a bigger place, but seems hard pressed to fill it, or perhaps he is starting to feel the money crunch.  I hope not.   Class last night was fun.  If i have gotten anything from the last 3 or 4 months is that my body is tougher and my ego is sufficiently pliable enough to take whatever else has happen.

I have a tournament in November.  I know what i need to do , but I’m trying not to stress out about failing at what I need to do.  I don’t stress out about the tournament too much, just being and doing my best.   I have pretty much committed myself to do it, other than the last minute work or family thing that might happen,  I just need to man-up and get it done.

I’ve been working on mostly half-guard and chokes lately.  I usually only do large concept things like fight for underhooks and using frames and whatever we work on in class.  I am really not good at remember all the little finer points of whatever learn in the class.  A co-worker was telling me the 3 stages of learning, basically  watching, doing and teaching, and I’ve always thought was the best way for me to learn, but alas noone for me to teach regularly.    I had made an effort to find a local grappling buddy several times.  Envious of those that have close friends from class that allows you work on things at various times.