Loss of Momentum

As life will do, just as soon as you have a plan in action, it kicks you in the balls.  Figuratively of course.  The last month has really killed my training time and opportunity.  I literally have trained perhaps 5 or 6 times. Twice I was only able to go to one class in a week cause of my work schedule and then last week I got sick and ran out of money which really killed things for me.   I’ve decided to make a better plan to save for my training time outside of my normal responsibilities and to really focus on my health and my diet for a bit.  I really need to get two good solid days in this week and get back into the groove.  I’ve decided to get a journal now to at least document some of what we go over in class,  no really technique stuff, just notes and things to get the old noodle to remember.  Knowledge is out there for those that want to find it.

I have a few things in mind also, but I think I will just focus on getting my butt on the mat this week.