Lovin every minute of it

Haven’t wrote in a bit so I wanted to share a few things.  I will try and update this more and perhaps share some articles that I find interesting. IF anyone hasn’t checked out bjjnews yet, it definitely should be the first website you open in the morning for bjj related news and articles.  I don’t know who is all involved in this site, but I highly appreciate it.

I have been going to regular classes for a bit and gotten my first promotion is several years.  My old body seems to be getting along with the practice. Wish I could go more often, but it will do.  Inky has taken over my room for the time being for her normal workouts and has been for several weeks now.  She has already lost 20 pounds and I can’t be more proud of her.  I have a good workout at work and have decided to start running in the afternoons also.

I wanted to share something about my promotion that noone caught onto at the time, and I hope noone does.  It will probably pass along with more important things, and that’s good.  I received my blue belt several years ago.  I had been going to mostly open mat morning classes, with occasional technique sharing but very few formal classes.  With my judo background and alot of time on the mat, I ended up doing pretty well in open mats and I believe by that basis alone I got my blue belt.  Several months later, I got my first stripe also and then life happened and I had to quit going.  Fast forward a year or so and my schedule pans out and the money is there and I decide to go about finding a school.    My one stripe by this time is not only a little nasty but shredded.   I decided to demote myself and pulled that poor little piece of tape off.

A year ago or so there was article about a purple belt that had demoted herself to white belt as she transitioned to a Gracie jiu-jitsu school and it made headlines of sort in the bjj world.  Alot of discussion was had over it, along with a bit more than a little animosity towards the GJJ schools and things faded.  My one little stripe didn’t seem that big of stretch for me. I had alot of holes in my game and needed to work into my blue belt a bit more.   I’m just glad that noone noticed.