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How’s the body treating you?

I turned 43 this year and for the most part I’m healthy.  I have some of the same aches and pains that most my age feels I’m sure.  I don’t heal as quickly and I have old injuries that needs tending occasionally.  I was in a car accident in 2010 that messed my neck up pretty bad.  I hope I don’t have to revisit it, but it kept me from training completely for a couple of years and it still flairs up from time to time.  The thing is though, I feel better when training regularly.  Any pain from my right wrist to my index finger of my left hand just feels better in general with training.  Part of me finds that surprising that I have more aches and pains when I’m not subjecting myself to the rigors of jiu-jitsu.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve “hurt” myself just getting out of bed in the morning.


I feel like I’ve hit a milestone in my training.  I’ve never really been that  good.  I will pull off submissions and keep even blackbelts at bay for most of a roll, but I’m not a chess player yet on the mat.  I used to play chess and even there I think i was more of a tactical player, able to see in general where my pieces needs to be to give myself a better chance of winning but unable to see quickly a good way to beat someone.  I could study the board for awhile and figure out a good series of moves ahead, but it wasn’t my game.  Either case, I was able to do 3 good 8 min plus rolls in class without gassing too much and was able to actually think out my moves more.  I consider that an accomplishment.  I’ve also been less critical of my moves overall, starting to loosing up a bit.  I sometimes will stall in a position when I’m not sure of what to do next or if I think I won’t be able to pull it off and look stupid.   That puts me on the defensive alot and you should really be offensively minded, even on the body,  maybe especially on the bottom.


4 thoughts on “How’s the body treating you?

  1. Holy moly! I just wrote about my poor hips today on my blog! It suuuuucks. I’m turning 40 this year, and my doctor is sending me to a physical therapist because my hips are so inflexible. So. Much. Pain. 😦

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  2. jdpepe says:

    I know how you feel. 45. Small guy. Bad knees. I just can’t keep up with the young guys anymore. I’ve had to change my mindset because I’m one of the higher belts and at the beginning of my journey and the school I was at you aren’t suppose to be tapped or even get dominated by a lower belt-even if it is a stripe difference and the were 40 lbs heavier. I have the mindset of the “Boyd” belt (Gracie YouTube video) now I look at it as competing w myself, e.g., can I go for 15-20 minutes of rolling or do I feel like my technique is improving because there is no way to beat the young guys anymore once they have around a two stripe blue belt skill or better. I just don’t have the energy. My new goal is just getting off the couch and donning my gi. I feel like that is a win because at the end of the night no matter how I do in my rolls it feels like a win.

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